In the House - Working now to create a greener, greater Britain

Climate change and greater environmental reform are, understandably and importantly, at the forefront of many people’s minds at present. While many of us may disagree with the tactics of Extinction Rebellion, they have been indeed successful in stimulating debate on these hugely important issues which, unless addressed soon, will have catastrophic consequences for our children and future generations.

In the House - I'll press for legislation on cosmetic procedures

Last week, I was very pleased to raise the case of my constituent, Rachael Knappier, with the Prime Minister in the House of Commons. I am sure many Mercury readers will remember Rachael’s case very well; last year she suffered a terrible injury following a botched lip filler treatment, and since then she has been campaigning brilliantly for better regulation for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

In the House - Quiet resilience is key to EU negotiations

In these times of fraught negotiations, confidence votes and backstop discussions, I found myself thinking about the old idiom that ‘cooler heads will prevail’. I entirely understand and appreciate the discourse on both sides of the Brexit debate, and as someone who was so involved in the Scottish Independence debate in 2014, I am certainly not a stranger to the often polarising effects of referenda.

In the House - Budget has helped high streets and homebuyers

Last week’s Budget, notable for being the first to be held on a Monday since 1962, was a signal of intent from this Government to cement the Conservatives’ place as the Party of the working people. Following a period of careful fiscal management and solid economic recovery, the Government now has the economy back on track, allowing the UK to really press on and prosper.

In the House - Our duty to remember all fallen of Great War

Last week marked the centenary of the Battle of Amiens, in the shadow of Passchendaele and the Somme, Amiens was a decisive turning point for the Allies in World War One. As we approach November’s Armistice Day, even the seemingly most innocuous dates will be the centenary of a day one hundred years ago when men young and old, on both sides, tragically lost their lives.

EU Referendum Statement

Alberto Costa MP has issued a statement, following the outcome of the EU Referendum on the 23rd June 2016

My first year

May 2016 marks a year since the last General Election, so I would like use this month’s column to reflect and share my experiences representing the wonderful constituency of South Leicestershire.