About Alberto

I was first elected as MP for South Leicestershire in 2015, and then re-elected in 2017 and most recently again in 2019 with the largest majority in the constituency's history. 

I live in South Leicestershire with my wife and two children, and I am immensely proud to represent our lovely part of the county. I have always worked hard to support constituents and champion our important local issues in order to ensure that South Leicestershire has a strong and representative voice in the House of Commons. 

From the proposals for the Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange (HNRFI) to the expansion of Magna Park, and from improving local healthcare provision to backing local businesses, I have been a passionate advocate for local communities in helping to address the big issues that matter to them. 

Following my election in 2015, I was very pleased to open the very first dedicated Parliamentary Constituency Office in South Leicestershire's history. 

My office, located in Blaby village, is open and available to all constituents of South Leicestershire and it has helped countless residents with a wide range of important issues - from housing queries and assistance with benefits to school places and passport applications - my office is here for everyone.