Alberto raises cosmetic surgery concerns with Prime Minister

South Leicestershire MP, Alberto Costa, has raised concerns with the Prime Minister in regard to the lack of regulation and consumer protection in the non-surgical cosmetic treatments industry, citing the case of his constituent Rachael Knappier who, last year, was accidentally administered with a Botox lip filler that required urgent medical attention.

Ms Knappier received the lip filler treatment alongside a group of friends in August last year, however the beautician accidentally injected the filler into her artery causing her lip to swell to five times their normal size.

Alberto, who is Ms Knappier’s Member of Parliament, asked the Prime Minister for her assurances that the Government will look into the lack of regulations and consumer protection in the industry, and has also secured a Westminster Hall debate in the House of Commons next Tuesday to progress the matter further.

Alberto said, “I recently had the pleasure of meeting Rachael at my last constituency surgery, however I was horrified to hear of her experience and shocked to discover there are almost no regulations or safeguards in place for those who receive these kind of non-surgical treatments. These types of treatments are available on the high street and can be administered by those with no medical or formal training, however they do pose a very serious health risk if not carried out properly, hence why regulation is certainly needed”.

Responding to Alberto's question, the Prime Minister said, “May I extend my deepest sympathies to Rachael Knappier. We recognise that this growth in non-surgical treatments increases the need for consumer protection, and we are currently working with stakeholders to strengthen the regulation of cosmetics procedures. We are committed to improving the safety of cosmetic procedures and there are a number of ways in which that can be done: better training and robust qualifications for practitioners, but also clear information so that people can make informed decision about their care. We would urge anyone seeking a cosmetic procedure to take the time to find a reputable, safe and qualified practitioner who is subject to statutory regulation or on an accredited voluntary register. My hon. Friend has raised an important issue.

Alberto added, “Rachael has been doing a brilliant job in raising the profile for those affected by these treatments, and I am very pleased to be backing her campaign. I know she was very encouraged by the Prime Minister’s reply, however we will continue to press this matter further with the Government and my Westminster Hall debate next Tuesday afternoon will be a perfect opportunity to do this. It’s hugely important that consumers, like Rachael, have the proper protections in place and to ensure that those administering the treatment are properly trained and regulated”.

Alberto is pictured above speaking in the House of Commons during today's PMQs.