Alberto Hails ‘Extraordinary’ Sharnford Traffic Survey Response

Member of Parliament for South Leicestershire, Alberto Costa, has welcomed the ‘extraordinary’ response to his traffic survey sent out to the residents of Sharnford earlier this year.

Alberto wrote to almost 780 of his constituents in the Leicestershire village in February in order to ask for their opinions on the traffic issues affecting the village - such as the volume and speed of vehicles - and has received over 400 responses, a return rate of 57%.

Alberto said, “It was a pleasure to reach out to so many of my constituents in Sharnford with this traffic survey, and I am delighted with the extraordinary number of responses my office has received. The response to my survey clearly shows the depth of feeling residents in Sharnford have about these issues and I look forward to taking these results forward with the responsible authorities to get these suggestions implemented”.

STAG Committee Member and Chairman of Sharnford Parish Council, Mr Jack Feast, added, “The response rate to Alberto’s survey is great news for Sharnford; it shows that the people of the village, alongside STAG and our MP, are moving further forward with a solution to a long standing problem that has been affecting Sharnford for some time – this is the start of an improvement process that will ultimately benefit the whole village”.

Alberto concluded, “I will, after the General Election, be writing back to my constituents who have responded to the survey in Sharnford, firstly as a matter of courtesy to thank them for them for their time, but also to feedback the results and to ensure that they all kept well aware of future developments. I have been working very closely with members of both the Sharnford Traffic Action Group (STAG) and the Sharnford Parish Council to implement this survey, and I wish thank to thank both groups for their assistance in facilitating the feedback received”.

Picture above shows Alberto with the Chair of Sharnford Parish Council, Jack Feast, and STAG Committee Member, Mike Lee, holding some of the survey responses.