Prorogation of Parliament

I understand and appreciate your concerns regarding prorogation, however it is important to note that Parliament is usually prorogued almost every year, just before the formal opening of the House and the Queen’s Speech which sets out the Government’s ambitions for the next Parliamentary session.

The Prime Minister will use the Queen’s Speech to set out his new legislative agenda which will see through Britain’s exit from the EU, and will set out a vision for life outside the EU, such as delivering for the Police, schools and our NHS.

Despite the period of prorogation, I will continue working hard alongside Parliamentary colleagues to ensure that the UK leaves the European Union preferably with a deal and the result of the referendum, from both South Leicestershire and the wider country, is respected and that we make our withdrawal at the earliest opportunity.

Finally, although Parliament is prorogued, I have a very busy diary in my constituency and will take the opportunity of continuing my work in South Leicestershire in assisting my constituents.