Alberto Welcomes Constituents to Parliament

On Tuesday 15th March, Alberto Costa MP welcomed a group of his South Leicestershire constituents down to the Palace of Westminster for Afternoon Tea.

Over forty constituents travelled down on the coach early Tuesday morning before arriving in London just before Midday. Constituents were given a guided tour around the Palace and then went up to the viewing galleries of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords to view the Houses in session, before joining Alberto who hosted Afternoon Tea later that day.

South Leicestershire Constituent, Margaret Carter said, "I very much enjoyed our trip down to Westminster earlier today, it was particularly interesting to see the chapel underneath Westminster Hall, St Mary Undercroft, and I also enjoyed watching the lively debates in the House of Commons and the Lords."

South Leicestershire Conservative Association Event Officer, Ruth Morrison added, "It's always a pleasure to take constituents down to Westminster, to what is a very beautiful and very interesting building. We were very grateful that Sir Oliver Heald QC, former Solicitor General, was able to interupt his busy schedule to join us for tea and address the assembled company".

Mr Costa concluded, "I was very pleased to welcome a group of constituents down from South Leicestershire and I hope they all enjoyed their day down in here in Westminister. The Palace is such a unique and iconic place and I am always very happy to welcome any constituents who wish to visit. I would like to thank Ruth for organising such a wonderful visit and I would also like to thank those consitutents attended and I look forward to welcoming the next group in the near future".