Alberto ‘hugely disappointed’ over hospital reopening decision  

Alberto Costa, Member of Parliament for South Leicestershire, has expressed his ‘huge disappointment’ over the decision by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust to not reopen the in-patient services at the Fielding Palmer Hospital in Lutterworth as a specialist ‘red ward’ for Coronavirus patients, despite their previous commitment.

Alberto was recently informed by the NHS Trust that they will not be going ahead with the reopening of the hospital’s in-patient ward for Coronavirus patients, which have been closed since the pandemic began, due to the costs involved in adapting the ward for this purpose.

The MP is also disappointed that the NHS Trust have not published a timetable for the reopening of the hospital’s in-patient beds for general care despite Government calls for hospitals and services across the country to return to normality.

Alberto has said that he will now take the matter up further with the Health Secretary to help safeguard the hospital’s future.

Alberto said, “I am hugely disappointed that the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust will not be pressing ahead with their plans to reopen the recently closed in-patient ward at Feilding Palmer Hospital as a specialist facility for Covid positive patients. Only a matter of weeks ago, the Trust outlined their serious intent for the reopening of this vital service and now they have baulked at the requisite cost and changed their mind. Further, despite repeated requests for doing so, they are still to publish a timeframe for the reopening of the ward, for general use, which in itself is profoundly troubling to me and my constituents”.

Alberto added, “I am of the similar opinion to many residents in South Leicestershire that unfortunately the longer these in-patient beds are closed, the easier it will be for the NHS Trust to close the hospital moving forward, hence why it’s crucially important that these services are resumed in their full capacity, in line with the Government’s advice, as soon as reasonably possible. I will be taking this matter forward with the Health Secretary and will continue pushing for the early reopening of this vital service on behalf of my constituents”. 

Alberto is pictured above outside the Feilding Palmer Hospital in Lutterworth.