Campaign Emails

I do very much appreciate constituent’s concerns on a wide variety of national issues, however my office does often receive identical emails which are sent via campaigning organisations.

I understand that these are important issues, however the volume of these campaign emails have, at times, meant that my office has not been able to properly prioritise constituency casework and other matters of importance to my South Leicestershire constituents. As a result, I can no longer guarantee an individual reply to these campaign emails.

I have therefore created a ‘campaign emails’ section of my website and I will post my replies to these national campaign issues on this page.

If you send me a campaign email, you will receive an automated reply directing you to my website and this page more specifically.

Of course, if constituents wish to contact me for a more specific policy reply or with a casework issue, then they should feel free to contact my office via the details listed on the ‘Contact’ page on this website.

Many thanks for your understanding.

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