I entirely understand and appreciate the very strong feelings associated with this most important matter – the British people voted to leave the EU and I fully respect the decision made by my constituents in South Leicestershire and the wider country and I am pleased that the Government is in the process of delivering the referendum result.

In the line with the democratic mandate given to me by the people of  South Leicestershire,  I have on every available occasion voted to leave the European Union in the House of Commons; I voted for the previous Prime Minister’s Deal on all three occasions and recently voted in favour of the current Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which I was very pleased to see pass its recent Second Reading.

There have been inherent difficulties in progress being made on our withdrawal from the European Union with the lack of a Government majority and, until recently, a relative lack of consensus on the best Brexit option.

I have always been clear with my constituents that I very much support our leaving the EU, however I have consistently made the case for our leaving with a deal as I believe this best protects businesses, livelihoods and jobs, not only for the people of South Leicestershire, but for the wider country too.

I am pleased that the Prime Minster has secured a very good deal from the EU, this deal delivers the referendum result so that the Government can focus on people’s priorities such as backing our brilliant NHS, supporting our excellent schools and recruiting more police officers to ensure our communities and streets are kept safe.

Once Brexit is resolved, I am confident that the UK will forge a new path as an outward-looking, self-governing nation – and more than anything, I am confident that our country will come together, move on from this matter, important though it is, and focus on the things that really matter to us here in South Leicestershire.