About Alberto Costa

I was first elected in 2015, and then re-elected in 2017 with the largest vote share in South Leicestershire history. 

I have worked hard to support constituents and raise important local issues, ensuring that South Leicestershire has a strong and representative voice. 

From the proposals to the Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange (HNRFI), to the expansion of Magna Park, I have been a passionate advocate for local communities in helping to address the big issues that matter to them. 

I was proud to open the first dedicated Constituency Office in the constituency's history following my election in 2015. This office has helped countless constituents with a wide range of important issues, from housing queries to social care, school places to benefit matters. The office serves as a focal point for the residents of South Leicestershire and ensures a strong democratic tie between local people and the heart of our democracy.